Friday, 21 October 2011

christmas merriment collection!

i have set myself the challenge of having a stall at the English Winter fair at Staffordshire county showground on saturday 19th nov and sunday 20th nov, i want to sell christmas cards and occasion cards, my initial ideas were to hand make all of them which is going well but much slower than i thought.
i have also taken up knitting scarves which my brilliant mum has taught me and i am actually really enjoying it and is actually quite therapeutic!
however as i have been doing some freelance work for Woodmansterne publications i got a go to try my hand at a range of christmas cards for them which drove me to do some designs for myself that i feel really reflect me and my style and not so commercial....anyway this is what i have come up with so far for the stall...!

they are quite humorous and fun with a bit of a mix of the photographic elements.
i have already had a few orders from people wanting to have them for their christmas cards (we'll ignore the fact they are orders from family..!)
if you are interested in buying any for christmas please contact me at or visit my stall at the Winter fair at the Staffordshire county showground on 19th and 20th november!

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  1. Amazing cards - lovely & quirky & so very your style - would love to recieve one of these on Christmas day :) xx